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The Official Blog for At The Pool


The Official Blog for At The Pool


Ridiculously Cool People

At The Pool has been growing like crazy and we’ve seen some really cool people pop up.  I was out in Pasadena yesterday and had the great fortune of meeting up with a few of our members.

First we met up with Fiona.  Fiona is a graduate student at Caltech and runs a really cool food blog called Gourmet Pigs.  Fiona has been in Los Angeles for quite awhile now, first to attend UCLA and continuing on for grad school.  It was crazy how much we had in common!

And then Diana arrived.  Diana recently moved back to LA after spending the past two years in Morocco as part of the Peace Corps.  Diana is truly a global citizen, often exploring, meeting new people, and trying new things.  She’s deeply passionate about world-changing ideas and was a blast to share a cup of tea with.

If you’re not yet a member of At The Pool, head over and jump on in.  There are some amazing people to meet here!

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