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Six Ways To Feel Like a Kid Again

Remember the days as a kid when your biggest worry was if your bowl of lucky charms had enough marshmallows, and what time Captain Planet was making its way onto the Saturday morning cartoon lineup? You didn’t care about getting sweaty, dirty, or the gap left in your smile from your two front teeth falling out the previous weekend. As kids, all we did was play.  Trying new hobbies and sports was just part of the weekly routine.  When did life get so serious?  Just because you may have a full-time job now doesn’t mean that you can’t play anymore. Don’t take your 8-year-old self for granted, now is the time to get back out in the world and have some fun!

Here are 6 ways to feel like a kid again


photo cred: Jay Nelson

1. Drive somewhere that you’ve been talking about, but never “had a chance” to go - The more beautiful the scenery and less crowds, the better.

If you have never taken a road trip in the states, you need to plan one ASAP. Talk to your closest friends and figure out what kind of trip you would like to go on. There are many occasions for a road trip: camping, site seeing, ski trip, surf trip, rafting, hiking, going to see a friend, etc. Groups of friends tend to split up after college, making it difficult to stay in touch - A road trip is a great way to reconnect with the people you care about. Colorado is usually a viable option because it’s centrally located, and is full of outdoor activities and beautiful scenery to explore. This is a great website to help you plan your next trip.

2. Jump out of an airplane.  Everyone should experience the sensation of free falling.

I can personally attest to the fact that jumping out of a plane is one of the most incredible feelings a person can experience. The concept of freefalling is something difficult to grasp, because it’s a feeling that most people haven’t had a chance to experience.  New feelings can be scary to imagine (note number three), but also exciting and spontaneous at the same time.

3. Conquer a fear, and turn it in to something positive. Batman did it, why can’t you?

Fears stem from a life experience, or witnessing someone close to you being afraid of something. One can let fear run their entire life, or try to face it head on.  Getting to the root of your fear is a start, making it easier to turn a negative into a positive while having fun in the process.

4. Make some art.

Finger paint, make a stencil, chalk the streets, doodle for an hour, take some pictures, or build something epicThere are many ways to release your inner kid through the creation of art, so try something that relates to you. Check out an exhibit nearby for inspiration, most cities have incredible shows that cycle every couple months.

5. Climb a tree.

Remember how much fun climbing trees used to be as a kid? You can still climb things as a “grown up,” just watch these guys. If climbing things scares you (note number 3), try rock climbing at your local gym for a safe and secure way to get your fix.

6. Build a fort.

Building a fort has always been a great childhood pastime. You could hide from ghosts and ghouls while using every blanket and chair that your parents owned. We can still have fun building forts now that we’re older, it just might take a little longer. Check out Jay Nelson for some inspiration on how to build a grown up fort.

Check out At The Pool to find people nearby who are looking for a new adventure too!

Member Highlight - A. Moret & Garet Field-Sells l INSTALLATION Mag

Installation Mag is a Los Angeles based magazine, the “first all-digital contemporary art magazine for the iPad, iPhone, and web.” 


We met up with the Installation crew yesterday near the Santa Monica airport to discuss some pinky and the brain concepts.  The hangar was a juxtaposition of history and new innovation. With another group of people valiantly attempting a new world record right next door (Guinness happened to be filming that day), this was the perfect working environment for Installation to make some serious magic happen. Installation is creating a visually stimulating new look to their website based off the already aesthetically simplistic tablet and mobile application

With big moves in the works for their 25th issue releasing Friday, September 13th, Installation Mag is looking to continue the expansion of their already extensive presence in LA and NY. At The Pool is ecstatic to be a part of the ever-growing art & design community in Los Angeles, so you might see us hanging around the SM airport more often.  Who knows, maybe all of us will be setting records next time Guinness wants to stroll through!


Check out the Design Pool on At The Pool to find people nearby who are interested in creating, art, and design.

Ashur Collective - Kelly and her Masks

I was very excited to come across Kelly’s profile today.  Her profile (shown below) immediately jumped out as AMAZING.  

Kelly is a painter who also wears masks at art exhibits and festivals. The masks are created from cardboard, mesh wire, and plaster wrap. They last about three months, and that’s through frequent wear and hard partying.  

When she’s not painting or creating masks, she attends Wayne State as an industrial design major.  You can check out some of her work below or visit her website at




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