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The Official Blog for At The Pool


The Official Blog for At The Pool


At The Pool hosted an awesome comedy night on Tuesday produced by our very own Eden.  If you are into standup comedy at all, check out our standup pool and meet like-minded people to see shows with nearby!




Check out all the photos here!

Another great #SiliconBeachLA + At The Pool event!

Very fun getting people OFFLINE and CONNECTING in the real world.  Check out photos from our last event here.

View more photos here.

Get Offline, Meet Extraordinary People!

Last night was the 4th Silicon Beach gathering in Santa Monica and it was great!  Even with looming rain, the place was packed and the crowd was amazing.  We’re working with our friends at SiliconBeachLA to make this a weekly thing.  Keep an eye out for an invite and come join us if you’re in the area!  For a full gallery from the event, click here.

View from the rooftop before the rain kicked in.  Check out that pool!

Robert with SiliconBeachLA checks in an attendee while Nick with HereOnBiz looks on.

 The rain forced everyone inside where we packed the place!

Two At The Pool members from the Silicon Beach Pool meet for the first time!

Silicon Beach Weekly Unwind

If you’re in Los Angeles and want to meet some awesome people with a view overlooking the beach, look no further!  At The Pool is co-hosting an event at the Shangri-La.  Details here.

At The Poop’s Standup Charity Show

At The Poop launched a standup pool for members to meet other extraordinary people that appreciate standup comedy! 


To celebrate, we’re getting some of most hilarious comedians and At The Pool members in LA to host a night of constant laughter. You can get tickets here.

So, we won’t feel guilty for peeing so hard that we laugh in our pants, we’re donating everything to a great charity! 

Cue our promo poster:


Not in LA?

Don’t fret, you can still donate to the charity and the show will be filmed so you’ll be able to watch it online.

Once again, you can purchase tickets and donate, here.

Proceeds will go to benefit the National Brain Tumor Society because brain cancer is awful and cancer should just stick to being an astrological sign. 

Come for the laughs, stay for the poop jokes!

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