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The Official Blog for At The Pool


Featured Member - Matt Darczynski, CEO of Talnapp


About Talnapp:

Talnapp brings together the world’s best and greatest talents together by connecting them with their counter parts of killer talents.
Share this link with prospective clients, or connect online with talented folks. Allow them to rate your skills, and give you feedback. All this helps create a brand around your talent, and exciting opportunities over time.

What does your company do (10 words or less)?:

A social networking platform for talented and skilled individuals.

What are you and your team working on to “change the world?”

We have built a new new social media and networking platform through which talented and skilledindividuals are able to showcase multimedia portfolios of their work. Individuals can gain exposure by interacting with other users, enabling them to build a reputation and thus leading to exciting new opportunities. The website will also serve as a crowd-sourcing platform where clients can hire talented individuals.

What led you to start Talnapp?

I love business and I love technology. I always thought it would be great if I could create something that could change or have an impact on someones life. That’s why I came up with Talnapp, a platform that could do that. Besides that, I was always inspired by some of the big thinkers around the world, Einstein, Jobs, Branson, Gates or Jonathan Ive. All of them dedicated their lives to create something with passion and not for money. I think its a great way of doing things. 

What is your biggest failure?

I can’t think of any. I always thought that failure is part of success, and you should fight and enjoy every bit of it, as it makes your journey more interesting.

Every time you fail, you will gain something new.

What is your favorite activity to do outside of work?

Snowboarding & socializing in the pub :-)

If you could leave your job for 10 days with no repercussions, where would you go and what would you do?

That would depend on many things, and besides that 10 days is not a lot :) I think I would go on a quiet island to clear my mind up. This way, when I come back, I would have some space in my head for some fresh and cool ideas to change or improve the world 

For more information about Talnapp, visit their Facebook Page or website.

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Ashur Collective - Kelly and her Masks

I was very excited to come across Kelly’s profile today.  Her profile (shown below) immediately jumped out as AMAZING.  

Kelly is a painter who also wears masks at art exhibits and festivals. The masks are created from cardboard, mesh wire, and plaster wrap. They last about three months, and that’s through frequent wear and hard partying.  

When she’s not painting or creating masks, she attends Wayne State as an industrial design major.  You can check out some of her work below or visit her website at




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