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The Official Blog for At The Pool


The Official Blog for At The Pool


Our New “Pool” Features!

Have you noticed At The Pool’s recent ch-ch-changes?

If you haven’t, well you’re probably a man.

Anyhow, we are so proud of these changes because they will enhance your At The Pool experience and usage! Yay!

One of the most significant we changes we made was with our pools.

The nav underneath your daily match on the Tide Pool page has a “Pools” tab that lets you join and explore all the pools. 

We have a lot of new pools as well so we encourage you to explore them.

Within the search nav, you can view all the pools you’ve joined.

You can then view one of the pools you joined by clicking on them.

Once you get into the individual pool page, you can then post an activity (aka, a splash) that everyone in that pool will see. So for example, below I posted that I wanted to meet up with someone to go to Demetri Martin’s stand up show in LA at 9:30pm in the stand-up pool.

Each pool page will also show you all the members within that pool. If you just want to post an activity to specific members in that pool, you can simply click on their profile and send them a splash or a message. 

Stay tuned for more posts about our new features!

At The Pool hosted an awesome comedy night on Tuesday produced by our very own Eden.  If you are into standup comedy at all, check out our standup pool and meet like-minded people to see shows with nearby!




Check out all the photos here!


Big thank you to everyone who came out last night to kickoff our Standup Pool and raise money for the Brain Tumor Society!  The evening was filled with hilarious comedians and an awesome crowd.  Big thank you to At The Pool’s Director of Awesomeness, Eden Dranger, for not only producing but performing on stage as well!

We can’t thank enough our host ROC, our partner Laffster, our sponsors TriNet and SHOREbar, and everyone who donated to this great cause!  Thank you thank you thank you!




View all the photos here!

And a special thank you to Elvina Beck, founder of ScoutMy and photographer of these awesome photos!

At The Poop’s Standup Charity Show

At The Poop launched a standup pool for members to meet other extraordinary people that appreciate standup comedy! 


To celebrate, we’re getting some of most hilarious comedians and At The Pool members in LA to host a night of constant laughter. You can get tickets here.

So, we won’t feel guilty for peeing so hard that we laugh in our pants, we’re donating everything to a great charity! 

Cue our promo poster:


Not in LA?

Don’t fret, you can still donate to the charity and the show will be filmed so you’ll be able to watch it online.

Once again, you can purchase tickets and donate, here.

Proceeds will go to benefit the National Brain Tumor Society because brain cancer is awful and cancer should just stick to being an astrological sign. 

Come for the laughs, stay for the poop jokes!

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